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Monday, June 22, 2009

Men Don't Fall in Love


Really that's what I think

He will like the way you look, but when your look change he will stop liking you.
so men don't fall in love, if they love you they should love you no matter what,right?! but they don't do that.

how many time you heard I love you,hmm but you stoped taking care of your self lately exclaim, I wish you get back to shape rolleyes or he just will cheat with woman he likessad

SO Men REALLY Don't Fall in love with you, they just like you, when the likability appeal goes, they go too neutral


Dr. James said...

Men do fall in love. It is different than a womans love yet it is love. Time is the real question, caring, sharing, communication, affection, endearing, and passion are small parts of love. The question of love is real in nature? One must give love and trust that it will never fail. Good luck. Oh, one must believe in love as well.


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