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Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Right Islam

"Issue is very simple for me .. I am "Muslim" .. Religion taken from the sources Documented
(Qur'an and Sunnah "the hadith" ).

Question .. Are these groups (Sufis and Shiites, etc.) exist at the time of the Prophet Muhammed and is approved by him ????"

I don't think sooo


Hamid said...

Question... did Sunni exist at the time of the Prophet Muhammed and his approved by him??

I don't think sooo

The issue is much complex than what you think. The only solution is religious tolerance.

RanaSpot said...

Do you know what sunni mean?
it's means follow the prophet Muhammed steps
why he wont a prove it?!!

Kath(MFS) said...

Hi! Just passing through... checking to see which blogs are active and up-to-date for our gallery! YOURS is! Awesome!
Keep it up!Take care!

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